Board of Directors

The Board is elected by its members for a 2-year tenure and is principally responsible for developing and maintaining a suitable organizational structure; and formulating network policies, strategies, goals and objectives.

Board Of Directors

The CPN Board of Directors is made up of professionals that combine hundreds of years of international freight forwarding experience, allowing members immediate access to peers with specialized knowledge and vast experience.

Ken Singh

President, Atlas Cargo, Canada

Korkut Nadir

Chairman, Kinay Group, Turkey

Scott Leal

Director, AAW Global Logistics PTY Ltd (MEL), Australia

K.Z. Amin

Director, RMK WORLD FREIGHT LTD, Bangladesh

Emile Gnagra

Director, SDMA, Ivory Coast

Emilio Santamaria

Director, Servicios Multimodales Especializados SA CV, Mexico

Espen Andve

Director, Pentagon Freight Services, Norway

Khaled Sabry

Advisor to the Board, First Global Logistics, Egypt

Thomas Sim

Advisor to the Board, International Freight Consultants, Singapore

CPN Secretariat

A fully-staffed Secretariat coordinates and implements the direction set by the membership and the Board of Directors.

Jessie Singh

Conference Director, Altas Cargo International, Canada

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