We have several unique characteristics that set us apart and allow us to stand out amongst our peers as the preferred cargo freight logistics provider, by enabling us to deliver exceptional value to all our clients.


Information Technology-> The freight industry thrives on the efficient generation and transfer of relevant information that describes, authorizes and accompanies the actual shipments as they cross the various checkpoints. In recognition of this fact, we have invested heavily in our information technology infrastructure, working towards an integrated platform that brings together all facets of our business; clients, partners, suppliers, staff and management.


Relationships-> As part of our organizational culture, all our engagements are treated as partnerships, rather than just transactions. With this mindset, clients receive the best of customer service, encouraging their repeat business, staff are supported and encouraged to use the organization as a stage upon which they push themselves to excel, partners share with us their experiences and expertise in their areas, the result of which is that we offer a global network of competence and world class service.


Dynamism-> We strongly believe that no tow clients have identical needs, however much their cargo shipping requirements may be similar. Therefore, we flex our operations, services, resources and budgets to fit each client so as to ensure that each receives a solution that is customized to their unique circumstances.


Focus-> The specific target for each job that we undertake is the realization of real time and cost savings. Your cargo will be routed in such a way that ensures that the least time is taken during the clearance and forwarding phases of the freight by the use of proper foresight and planning, the most cost effective routes are planned as well as using our most reliable partners to make your cargo shipment as stress free as possible. For More information about us, please visit our website -



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