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Discover CPN's Young Professionals and Women Business Leaders groups. The Young Professionals cultivate emerging logistics talent, while Women Business Leaders drive diversity in the industry. Both groups reflect CPN's dedication to progress.

Young Professionals

How often do we hear that "Youth are the future". So often that it loses its meaning? Or not often enough?... And how well do we, as a network and as individual companies, value our younger members and employees.

Our stars of tomorrow are still rising in each one of our organizations…but are we giving them enough support to enable them to go on to become our future leaders?

Why do we want to integrate a Group of Young Professionals within our membership?

To encourage and promote greater participation of the youth among CPN partners at Conference and Meetings.

We are committed to finding ways to promote the attendance of younger members from the CPN companies to the Annual Conferences by implementing subsidies for participants under certain age and by Awarding Registration-Fee Waivers to competition winners. Details of the competition will be announced shortly.

To focus on Training and Learning activity within the CPN community towards the younger executives.

Because this is what demands the current pace of the business dynamics; what drives the trends of globalization and the increasing regulation and control. Our organization should be committed to the professional development of its members, especially those who are challenged to a fast process of learning and acquisition of new technological awareness because their shorter experience.

To Supplement the Board of Directors with ideas in their vision and future for CPN.

Because we recognize the value that their ideas and suggestions represent to the strategic planning by the Directors and the assistance they can provide to promote the visibility and networking of the organization and to increase our presence in the social media space.

To Make CPN more fun

To benefit from their enthusiasm and initiative as to make the interactions between members, increase the social engagement and assist the Secretariat and the Board with the planning of activities and entertainment parallel to the Conferences.

If you or somebody from your CPN partner company is under the age of {age limit} and would like to know more about this group, please contact Melvin Xavier
To know more about the CPN Training and Learning activities click here
Read Melvin Xavier’s Presentation “Young Professional Group” at the CPN 21 Annual General Meeting here

Women Business Leaders

A Group of CPN Logistics Professional specially dedicated to highlight the relevance and participation of women in the activities of CPN and promote strategies to ensure their representativity among the network

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