The Myriad Sana Hotel
May 28 2023 to Jun 1 2023

Dear Members,

2023 marks the 25th Annual CPN Conference - Our Silver Anniversary!

Don't miss the opportunity to meet new members, catch up with old friends, and create new partnerships all in a spectacular location! Lisbon is known for its food, nightlife, colorful buildings, fado music, and friendly locals. Lisbon is also one of the oldest cities in Western Europe, full of wonderful history, especially as an excellent trade location. OUr host company Vanesp is looking forward to welcoming us for a very special event.  

Our venue, the Myriad by Sana Hotels boasts excellent facilities, food and views and we hope to see everyone there to enjoy the beautiful facilities and make the occasion extra special.

Please take a look at all the information provided and complete your registration as soon as possible.

Contact or Jessie at for any questions or concerns.


Why Attend: 


"The Annual General Meeting of the membership shall be held during the yearly CPN Conference. The preferred time is in the spring of each year at a date and place (region) as pre-selected at the AGM during the previous Conference and at the bidding of the BOD. This will include early notification and an invitation to CPN members of the specific region (Europe/North America incl. Mexico/Central and South America/Middle East and Mediterranean/Asia/Indian Sub-Continent. Interested members will then be given a specific timeline to submit their interest to host the CPN Conference. Such expression of interest should be accompanied by a presentation of the proposed venue, capabilities, support from local authorities, possible sponsors etc.

Attendance of the annual CPN Conference is mandatory for all CPN Members. Only once in 5 year period, a member can ask for a waiver on the ground of extreme emergency. Only CPN Board will have the discretion to consider the request of waiver. Non-attendance will lead to a risk of automatic membership cancellation.  In addition, when a company exceeds the permitted quota of once in 5 years under “extreme emergency” and fails to attend the Annual General Meeting, the condition of exclusivity for this company’s territory will be revoked and the Board of Directors will be allowed to set up a process for seeking an additional member for the involved territory, so this territory is always represented and the continuity of the CPN business on it is guaranteed."



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