CPN Training Institute


The CPN Training Institute has been created with the purpose of providing CPN members with up to date training on current topics related to the Logistic Industry
Chairman and Main Trainer: Mr. Thomas Sim




A Workshop on Risks Awareness and Management in the International Freight and Transport Logistics was held for the delegates to the 21 CPN Conference in Rome, 2017. The workshop was a resounding success that received an overwhelming response from delegates  and the attendee list far exceeded all expectations. The workshop was run by Mr. Thomas Sim who needs no introduction. He is actively involved in training and development around the globe and is Chairman of FIATA’s advisory body-Vocational Training. The participants included veterans and leaders from the industry as well as young recruits.  Our youngest attendee was aged 14 whereas our oldest participant was 70. This is vindication that one is never too young or too old to learn.




The participants were enthusiastic and interactive. The workshop addressed many operational as well as strategic issues that members face in their day-to-day workplace. Attendees demonstrated their interests in learning more about international regulations, best practices as well as knowledge and skills in executing their roles and services. The trainer was quick to identify that many of them (although practitioners in their respective jurisdictions), were lacking basic academic knowledge of freight forwarding, especially risks and liability knowledge & skills. The goal of the workshop was to help members identify, understand and mitigate the amount of risks and malpractices that go around in today’s workplace.



CPN is proud the be the first and only Global Network that offers an Educational & Training Platform for our Members. We intend to continue running these workshops at our conferences and will look to cover a wide range of topics that include ‘Risks Management’, ‘multiple Insurance Mitigations & Claims’, ‘International Conventions (UNCITRAL Rules)’, and ‘Dangerous Goods/Hazardous Substances Handling Awareness’ Programmes for the Series #2 full-Day Session in 2018.



Mr. Thomas Sim is the Chairman of ABVT, FIATA (Advisory Body Vocational Training -International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations) which oversees FIATA National Associations’ training programs, assisting to setup and qualifying the standards of international freight forwarding & transport logistics training materials/curriculums, international trade and the eventual FIATA Validation of their national training programs since 2002.



Check this page soon for the announcement of traiing courses being offered by CPN to its members




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